Personalisation best practice

Here is a few tips on adding your personalisation, follow these simple steps to save time when ordering your stickers.  We don't want you typing repeated endless text when there is no need.  If you are ordering multiple sheets of the same size stickers and all the text is the same apart from the product name or scent, you can lump all the text in a single order by following the example below.

  1. Select your size of stickers
  2. choose the finish you want
  3. adjust the quantity of sheets required (eg. 3 sheets)
  4. add your text to the personalisation box in the following format
Company/maker: eg. The Beautiful Candle Co.
Scent(s): eg. Vanilla, White musk, Cranberry
Footer text: eg. Handmade with Love


If you follow these tips, there is no need to repeat your information multiple times. Our default footer text is "Hand Poured Candle" we only require you to add a footer text if it differs from the default.

**The above information is relevant to different collections of stickers.