Tiered discounts


Our Tiered Discounts

Embark on a sticker shopping spree with our exclusive tiered discount levels, designed to reward your passion for creativity! At Stikaroo, we're thrilled to introduce discounts that allow you to mix and match across all sticker sheet finishes while enjoying unbeatable savings. Here's your guide to unlocking the perfect deal for your sticker collection:

Choose Your Discount:

  • 5-9 Sheets:

    • Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase.

  • 10-14 Sheets:

    • Elevate your savings to 12.5%.

  • 15-19 Sheets:

    • Dive into a generous 15% discount.

  • 20-29 Sheets:

    • Unlock a fabulous 17.5% discount.

  • 30-49 Sheets:

    • Revel in a substantial 20% discount.

  • 50+ Sheets:

    • Experience the ultimate savings with an incredible 25% discount.

Mix and match across all our exquisite sticker sheet finishes to curate a collection that suits your unique style. The more you indulge in your sticker passion, the more you save! Elevate your creative journey with Stikaroo, where every sticker sheet is a canvas for your imagination. Happy Sticking!