Q: What are photo fridge magnets?

A: Personalised photo fridge magnets are custom-made magnets featuring photos or images chosen by the you. These magnets can be used to decorate a refrigerator or other metal surfaces and often serve as keepsakes, gifts, or promotional items.

Q. How can I create my photo fridge magnets?

A. Creating personalised photo fridge magnets is straightforward, just upload your 9 photo by clicking the buttons above and attaching your images, if you are using a smartphone you will get the option to take a photo to upload via your phone camera then place an order.

Q. How long do photo fridge magnets last?

A: The longevity depends on the materials used and the conditions they are exposed to. Our magnets are digitally printed and covered with a protective mylar coating, ensuring they last for years without fading or losing their magnetic strength.

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